Answering the call to spread the Gospel to the outermost parts of the world, the Missions Ministry serves to reach out to the lost of the world. Calvary CG supports various local and international mission organizations as well as various outreaches within the City of Casa Grande and state of Arizona. These are some of the many ways God is using Calvary CG to reach the lost.


HOME OF HOPE - A center for women, and women with children, who are addicted to drugs and alcohol
KVNG Grace 91.1fm - The Voice of Never Ending Grace - radio ministry
OASIS PAVILION - A convalescent home ministry by Pastor Leo Holt
PRISON MINISTRY - Ministers to and prays with the incarcerated at the state prison facilities in Florence and Eloy. Through this ministry lives are changed, bondages are broken, and captives are set free as God's light shines in the dark and often neglected world of the prison system. There is plenty of room for extension of this ministry if you would be interested in seeking the Lord's leading in this area. Please keep this ministry in prayer! Pray for softened hearts and for protection of our brothers and sisters in the Lord who have been called to this area of ministry. For more information, click here to contact Pastor Robert.  
CHRISTIAN ISLAMIC DIALOGUE (CID) - An outreach ministry reaching out to those who need to experience the love of God through the redemptive work that Jesus Christ has provided as the Lamb of God at Calvary. We primarily minister to Muslims, but not exclusively. For additional information check out their website: CID.
CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP (CEF) -  Jahn & Julie Harden have been the Pinal County coordinators since 2011. They are taking the Bible and Biblical truth back into the public schools. They train teachers, mentors and volunteers to reach children through Good News Clubs, 5-Day clubs and outreaches. If you have any questions about CEF, or would like to become involved in or financially support the ministry, please feel free to call Jahn at 520-431-4092.
BOB & JEAN CLAYCAMP - Serving with Poimen Ministries.


Ministering in the Sudan and other African countries, as well as China.
 Ministering in Thailand.