The objective of the School of Ministry is to provide mentorship for men and women to be spiritual leaders serving God in church and para-church ministry. The program includes 16 months of study, practical experience, and personal discipleship. 


There is a great need for Christ-like leaders. The school of ministry program is intended to train Christian leaders through personal discipleship, study, and practical experience. Our desire is to equip believers for the work that God has called them to [Eph. 4:11-13]. Jesus spent time with the disciples and put them in situations where they had to apply what they were learning. The disciples learned from Jesus’ teaching and example and sought to replicate His ministry as they followed Him. This is our model for ministry training. 
When we consider the men and women used by God, we are impressed with the diversity of people that God uses to accomplish His purposes. Abraham was the father of the faith. Joseph was a gifted administrator. Moses was a prince and shepherd, and he spoke with God as to a man. He was the great lawgiver. David was a poet, shepherd, and Israel’s greatest king. Solomon was the wisest man to walk the earth, besides our Lord Jesus. Ezra brought the Word of God to the life of the people to bring God into the people’s lives. Jeremiah wept for the people when they refused to yield to God. Jonah rebelled, and fulfilled his calling with the wrong attitude. Esther received courage, when she thought she had none, and helped deliver her people. Peter was impulsive and acted first and thought later. John was a poet who never forgot that Jesus loved him. Paul was brilliant in his logic and understanding of God’s Word and persuasive and bold in declaring the truth.

How would your life be impacted if you were motivated to serve God and you learned to serve Him effectively? How would your family, church and community be changed if you learned to serve God 
and His people? If communities of believers are stirred to effective ministry 
our world would be radically changed.

The School of Ministry is led by Pastor Eric Kluth.